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Smart Timing Antennas

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Acutime 360 Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna

Product Code: 106406-00

The Acutime 360 Multi-GNSS smart Antenna is an integrated multi-constellation GNSS receiver and antenna housed in a rugged weatherproof enclosure....

Brand: Trimble

Acutime Cable

Product Code: 60148

Acutime 360 Interface Cables come in 4 diferent lenghths: 60148 is 15m 60149 is 30m 60152 is 60m 60153 is 120m

Brand: Trimble

Timing Antenna Receiver, NMEA Output, RS422

Product Code: GPSGL-TMG-RCVR422

Integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna and receiver in one rugged housing Quadrifi liar helix element for optimal coverage and multipath rejection...

Brand: PCTEL

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