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LabSat 4: The Ultimate GNSS Record & Replay Simulator
The all-new LabSat 4 from Racelogic has just been released! Designed to capture, replay, and simulate advanced GNSS scenarios effortlessly. Discover the power of precise, customisable, and efficient GNSS signal capture and simulation.
Communication and time synchronisation solutions in a technology network based on IEC 61850
Join Bitstream synchronisation expert Kris Nowacki as he guides you through the digital communication technologies defined in the IEC 61850 standard, importance of synchronisation in digital substations and cybersecurity mechanisms against jamming/spoofing.
Mitigation of Spoofing and Jaming in Critical Infrastructure
Spoofing is a malicious attack in which a false GNSS signal is transmitted to cause a receiver to obtain an erroneous position and time fix. The error may only be a time shift of a 100 mSec, but that is enough to cause significant damage to systems.