GNSS / GPS Combiners and Bias-Ts

A GNSS combiner are devices designed to combine signals from multiple GNSS satellites, such as GPS (Global Positioning System), GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou, into a single, more robust signal. These combiners integrate signals from multiple satellite constellations, improving signal strength, reducing multipath effects, and enhancing overall positioning accuracy.

A GNSS and GPS Bias-T is also a form of combiner, however, instead of combining two GPS signals it combines a GPS signal and a direct current from a DC power source. The DC power is injected into the GPS antennas cable to power active GPS antennas while passing GPS signals to the receiver without distortion.

GPS combiners are often used in the transportation sector for applications such as vehicle navigation, aviation and maritime positioning.

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GNSS 2x1 Combiner

Product Code: C21

Brand: GPS Source

The C21 GPS Combiner is a two-input, one-output GPS device. This product typically finds application where two inputs from active GPS antennas are combined evenly into a single receiving GPS unit. In this scenario, the C21 will pass DC from the RF output to both antenna input ports (J1 & J2) in order to power the active GPS antennas on those ports.


Product Code: BT1

Brand: GPS Source

The GPS Bias Tee is used to supply DC voltage to the center conductor of a coaxial cable. The bias tee is used to provide power to antennas, amplifiers and other RF networked devices. It is available with a built-in regulated power supply allowing users to use standard AC power or unregulated coarse power supplies to create a set voltage with very low noise and ripple. Passes GPS, Galileo...

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