Board Level Modem

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Radio Modem HX-DU1018D

Product Code: HX-DU1018D

Brand: Harxon

The HX-DU1018D OEM Modem provides reliable data communications for mission-critical applications where a combination of stability, supreme performance and long range communication are required. HX-DU1018D is a 0.5W and 1W radio modem, with light weight, small size and stable high performance. It can offer a frequency range between 410-470MHz. Also the frequency band can be customized as...

Radio Modem HX-DU2005D

Product Code: HX-DU2005D

Brand: Harxon

Embedded Radio Modem for Wireless Data Communications Harxon HX-DU2005D is an embedded high performance radio modem providing reliable and stable wireless data communications for mission critical applications such as geodetic surveying and autonomous guidance solution for agricultural machines. It is an adjustable 0.5W and 2W UHF transceiver designed for integration into products that require...

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