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UHF eRadio HX-DU8616D Pro

Product Code: HX-DU8616D PRO

Brand: Harxon

The eRadio HX-DU8616D Pro has enabled with intelligent serial baud rate identification for different RTK devices. It can automatically identify RTK serial baud rate with radio data cable and provide a plug and play form for easy connection between eRadio and RTK. It offers surveyors an easy-to-use radio modem that provides dependable performance as either a base, or repeater working with other...

UHF Radio HX-DU1601D

Product Code: HX-DU1601D

Brand: Harxon

Harxon HX-DU1601D is an UHF external radio that designed for easy mobile use in demanding field conditions for wireless data communication between 410 and 470MHz bandwidth. It’s specifically designed as a way of wireless corrections data transmission in applications of GNSS/RTK surveying, GNSS precise positioning system and autonomous guidance of agricultural machinery. This lightweight,...

UHF Radio HX-DU8602T

Product Code: HX-DU8602T

Brand: Harxon

Harxon radio modems provide reliable data communications for mission-critical applications where a combination of stability, supreme performance and long range are required.  HX-DU8602T is a high speed, high power, wireless data link built to survive the rigors of GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. This radio’s 25W of power maximize range, enabling you to work in difficult...

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