TapKey - Automotive Grade NFC Reader

TapKey - Automotive Grade NFC Reader

Product Code: SGNFC-001

Brand: Step Global Pty Ltd

The Step Global TapKey is a programable swipe card, smartphone and fob reader that uses the NFC (Near Field Communications) protocol. The reader can be used in a wide range of applications from keyless vehicle entry, fare collection, passenger ID, to door access control.

Key features:

  • Supports all NFC protocols

  • Supports NFC enabled Smartphones

  • Has external antenna for easy placement. In a vehicle the antenna can be adhered to the windscreen, or a side window and the reader can be placed under the dash to protect it from direct sunlight high temperatures.

  • Can use a covert antenna for security purposes

  • A second antenna port is available for those applications where two entry points require monitoring.

  • The reader provides a custom firmware area where either the control functions and/or messaging to/from a telematics device, modem or security system can be programmed to suit.

  • 2 LEDs and 1 buzzer to indicate successful tap on/tap off

  • Manual/Automatic turn on/off