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4G LTE Omni-Directional Antenna

Product Code: MEA-960-LTE

Brand: Maxtena

690 – 960 MHz & 1710 - 2700 MHz. high efficiency, high gain, omni-directional antenna. The antenna is 82 mm long, featuring a tilt-and-swivel SMA plug connector.

ANTENNA, PORTABLE BLADE, 698-960/1565-1606MHZ (GPS)/1710-2170/2400-2700MHZ,RPS

Product Code: MPAMB700MSMA

Brand: PCTEL

PCTel Omni Antenna MPAMB8062170: This portable antenna is designed for indoor wireless applications requiring multiple band coverage. Each rugged antenna features a compact “blade” style design and 0-90° articulating knuckleFeatures:Portable806-960MHz/1.71-2.17GHz0dBi Gain5 Watt50 OhmsTNC Male connectorCenter fed dipole antenna type

PCTel Portable multiband 5G antenna

Product Code: MPAMB6

Brand: PCTel

The MPAMB6 is a portable multiband 5G NR (FR1) omnidirectional antenna that supports the operation of leading routers and access point devices in the 5G FR1 spectrum for Industrial IoT and enterprise wireless networks. It also supports the major carrier operating frequencies ranging from 618 MHz to 6 GHz. Multiband performance covering 618 MHz to 6 GHz 5G FR1 frequencies. Ground plane...

Ultra Wideband 4G LTE Antenna

Product Code: MEA-UWB-LTE-90

Brand: Maxtena

MEA-UWB-LTE-90 as an ultra-wideband antenna that provides broad coverage 690MHz- 960MHz / 1710MHz-2700Mhz and is compatible with most 4G LTE, 3G and 2G standards. This is a high efficiency high gain omnidirectional antenna.

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