CM Level GNSS Receiver

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Product Code: 110854-68

Brand: Trimble

The BX940 receiver enclosure is an integrated GNSS-Inertial engine delivering high accuracy GNSS, DGNSS positions in the most challenging environments powered by the BD940-INS. Integrating inertial sensors on the same module delivers robust, high-accuracy positioning in all environments. Offers continuous positioning in GNSS denied environments while providing high update rate position and...


Product Code: 85992-15

Brand: Trimble

The Trimble BX982 receiver enclosure is a multi-channel, multi-frequency OEM GNSS receiver which allows OEM’s and system integrators to rapidly integrate centimeter-level positioning and precise heading into their application. Multi-constellation GNSS support delivers low latency centimeter-level positions to industrial applications. Heading derived from dual-antenna GNSS measurements...


Product Code: 108567-88

Brand: Trimble

The BX992 is a dual-antenna receiver enclosure with integrated inertial navigation system powered by the BD992-INS. GNSS and Inertial Tight Integration  Robust high accuracy positions and orientations are produced in all environments due to the integration of inertial sensors on the same module. Robust Centimeter Accurate Solutions Offers continuous positioning in GNSS denied areas while...

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