Cellular Routers

A cellular router uses a 4G LTE or 5G cellular connection to provide connectivity, without requiring wired cabling. With the growth of LTE and 5G networks, the demand for cellular-based routers is rapidly growing. Cellular routers, 4G LTE routers, 5G routers and extenders connect and route communications between devices, machines, applications and cloud services for business enterprises, industrial applications and transportation. They achieve this faster, cheaper and more reliably than traditional wired routers, and offer backup connectivity for wired connections.

Step Global provide a range of 4G LTE and 5G cellular solutions from three broad categories – enterprise, industrial, and transportation/mobile. Our cellular routers are built to support the most mission critical needs, with rapid deployment, secure edge computing capabilities and highly resilient connections. Our cellular router range also feature out-of-band management, remote monitoring and troubleshooting.


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5G Enterprise solution for primary or backup wireless connectivity

Product Code: EX50-WXS6-GLB

Brand: Digi

The Digi EX50 is a cellular router with 5G/4G dual connectivity provides your business with a fast, secure and resilient enterprise-grade network that changes the work from-anywhere experience for good. Digi EX50 is an ideal choice for your business as you adapt to the new normal. The small form factor of Digi EX50 makes it the 5G go-to enterprise solution where the work is happening: at the...

Branch connectivity in a compact, affordable, all-in-one solution

Product Code: ASB-EX15-WC18-GLB

Brand: Digi

The Digi EX15 offers gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity for retailers and other organizations that cannot tolerate network downtime and the negative impact on revenue streams and brand reputation. A suite of upgradeable Digi CORE® LTE plug-in modems lets users select the cellular speeds that best fit their business requirements, including LTE Cat 4, LTE-Advanced Cat 6 and Cat 7, and...

IX10 Rugged dual SIM 4G/LTE cellular router

Product Code: IX10-00A4

Brand: Digi

Digi IX10 is a full-featured cellular router built for trouble free reliability over a long service life. Its flexible power and connectivity options make it a versatile and cost effective choice for industrial, digital signage, ATMs, lottery terminals, kiosks and other unattended retail applications that need to provide secure transactions over public and private cellular networks. Digi IX10...

IX15 IoT Gateway and Cellular Router

Product Code: IX15-00G4-XB2

Brand: Digi

The versatile Digi IX15 functions as both gateway and router for customers seeking lower-cost, quicker-to-market alternatives to chip-down DIY designs for networking operations. The industrial-grade Digi IX15 connects Digi XBee® modules to cloud applications over cellular or Ethernet, providing the easiest path to Internet connectivity for the Digi XBee ecosystem of hardware, software,...

IX30 Intelligent 4G LTE router for critical infrastructure

Product Code: IX30-00A4

Brand: Digi

Digi IX30 is an intelligent 4G LTE router designed for optimal performance and reliability across a wide range of critical infrastructure and industrial applications. This complete solution is fully integrated with software and security, providing a secure, reliable connection to industrial controllers, process automation equipment and smart grid assets on third party sites or remote locations....

Magnetar-105 Wireless 2/3/4G LTE Ethernet/RS232 Router

Product Code: Magnetar-105

Brand: BitStream

The Magnetar-105 from BitStream is a Wireless Router that enables access and sharing of the 2G / 3G / 4G LTE cellular network. The router provides access to devices connected locally to the LAN interfaces, RS232/485 and RS-232 port. Magnetar-105 device has been designed to work in harsh conditions. Its durable IP30 enclosure provides protection against external factors, additionally the device...

TX40 Secure 5G/4G LTE wireless communications hub for public safety vehicles

Product Code: TX40-A500

Brand: Digi

Advanced Connectivity for Security and Public Safety An affordable and purpose-built solution for public safety and emergency vehicle fleets, Digi TX40 breaks down communication silos and seamlessly connects the growing list of equipment in a vehicle into a fast and reliable vehicle area network (VAN). It enables you to digitally transform your fleet with latest generation wireless technology...

TX54 5G Rugged and secure cellular router

Product Code: TX54-A256

Brand: Digi

Digi TX54 provides secure routing and gateway functionality across wired and wireless communication networks. Local private subnets are bridged across public networks to safeguard privacy and integrity. Digi TX54 is available with dual Wi-Fi radios to segment passenger Wi-Fi from fare collection, data, video and other applications, and with models for single and dual LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced...

TX54 Rugged and secure cellular router for transport and critical comms

Product Code: TX54-A206

Brand: Digi

The versatility of Digi TX54 routers make them ideal for mission critical applications requiring continuous connectivity, field longevity and edge computing. Digi TX54 provides secure routing and gateway functionality across wired and wireless communication networks. Local private subnets are bridged across public networks to safeguard privacy and integrity. Digi TX54 is available with dual...

TX64 5G railway-rated cellular router for heavy and light rail applications

Product Code: TX64-R210

Brand: Digi

Ideal for challenging rail transportation environments, the Digi TX64 5G Rail router offers 5G/4G/3G cellular connectivity with true enterprise class routing, security, firewall and integrated VPN. It offers a flexible interface design with an integrated Wi-Fi 6 access point and client, USB, serial, inertial-guided GNSS, Bluetooth® and 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, as well as a variety of...

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