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Product Code: 90940-88

Brand: Trimble

The BD940 is a triple-frequency, high-precision GNSS receiver that is very compact to allow for integration into tight spaces. The BD940 receiver module is RTX, OmniSTAR, and RTK ready. Its EMI shield allows for integration into precision smart antennas and other products that may include WiFi and Bluetooth. The solder down module comes with flexible configurations, so only purchase the options...


Product Code: 112078-68

Brand: Trimble

Taking advantage of Trimble’s expertise in both GNSS and Inertial technology the Trimble® BD940-INS module has been designed for applications requiring continuous centimetre accuracy in a compact package. By integrating inertial sensors on the same module, robust high accuracy positions are produced in all environments. The GNSS components are fully shielded. This design ensures the...


Product Code: 100990-88

Brand: Trimble

The BD990 is a triple-frequency receiver for all GNSS constellations. The BD99X family including the dual antenna variations, redefines high-performance positioning and comes with easy to use software which simplifies integration and reduces development time.The BD990 delivers geodetic grade positioning, is sub-centimeter capable, and robust enough to handle the rigors of machine control. The...


Product Code: 100992-88

Brand: Trimble

The Trimble BD992 dual-antenna, single board solution for precise position and heading. Dual Antenna - Heading derived from dual-antenna GNSS measurements overcomes issues such as difficulty determining where the antenna is positioned relative to the vehicle and object of interest. Delivers 336 tracking channels, Trimble Everest Plus™ multipath mitigation, advanced RF spectrum monitoring/...


Product Code: 120992-88

Brand: Trimble

The BD992-INS is a dual-antenna receiver with an integrated inertial navigation system. It is a robust navigation system that supports position and orientation at high update rates. The flagship BD992-INS receiver module offers geodetic grade positioning, is sub centimeter capable, and robust enough to handle the rigors of machine control. This RTX and OmniSTAR capable receiver module offers...

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