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DSRC 6 dBi + GPS Surface Mount Antenna, 5850-5930 MHz = 15 feet LL-195 wit

Product Code: SM6-5900/1575-3C2C-BLK-180

Brand: Mobile Mark

Mobile Marks high gain DSRC antennas are specifically designed for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), and used for Smart Highway trials and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) in ITS trials.These antennas operate on the DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) band, with the frequency covering 5850-5930 MHz.The SM6-5900/1575 antenna can be mounted to a vehicles metal surface or any bulkhead...

Low Profile Dome Antenna, 2 dBi antenna with 1 foot RG-58 pigtail,SMA-plug, (2.5

Product Code: DM2-2600-1C-WHT-12

Brand: Mobile Mark

The DM2-2600 Series is a low profile surface mount antenna which measures only 1.5 in height and 3 in diameter. These body mount style antennas can be mounted to any vehicle, container, or bulkhead. The rugged style is excellent for industrial applications, yet attractive enough for consumer use. The antennas can even be mounted on fiberglass or plastic housing and meet specifications.

Low Profile WideBand Antenna, 15 feet LL-195 with SMA, (800-2200 MHz)

Product Code: LMW-UMB-3C00-WHT-180

Brand: Mobile Mark


Nav. Timing GLONASS/GPS Antenna, Heavy Duty, water and shock resistant, 1575 MHz

Product Code: NTG-1575-WHT

Brand: Mobile Mark

The NT-1575 GPS Timing Antenna can be used for a wide variety of applications including network synchronization in equipment cabinets and cell towers, geographic surveying, railroad track-side electronic shacks and agri-business planting. The antenna is housed in a rugged and weather-resistant radome that has undergone rigorous temperature, moisture, shock and vibration testing. The interior...

WideBand Low Profile Antenna 800-2200 MHz (15Ft LL-195 SMA-plug) w/ Active GPS (

Product Code: LMW-UMB-3C2C-WHT-180

Brand: Mobile Mark

The LMW-UMB low profile multi-band surface mount antenna provides coverage on Cellular & GPS. The wideband element data covers 850 & 1900 MHz, AWS 1700 & 2100 MHz in the US, 925 & 1800 MHz and UMTS 2100 MHz in Europe.The antenna mounts easily to a roof, trunk or bulkhead through a 5/8 inch hole. These combination antennas provide broadband & multiband in a compact profile.This antenna can be...

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