Enterprise Vehicle Tracking

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Telematics Unit, LTE CAT M1, BLE, 1000 MAH Battery, Buzzer, CanBus Diagnostics,

Product Code: LMU3640MB-HRZL-G10AU

Brand: Calamp

Robust Telematics Gateway Built for Dynamic Flexibility The LMU-3640 Cat M1 is a next-generation telematics gateway designed to support enterprise applications requiring a robust set of fleet features. Equipped with blue tooth low energy (BLE) 5.0, and a built-in ECU (Engine Control Unit) vehicle interface technologies for both light and heavy duty vehicles.   Market Applications:...

Wireless Telematics Router, LTE, Wifi Hotspot, 2 x Ethernet, Extensive I/O

Product Code: LMU5541LW-H000-G1000

Brand: CalAmp

All-in-One Mobile Communications Solution Tailored for Fleet Telematics and Vehicle ManagementThe LMU-5541TM is a feature-rich LTE telematics router that comes equipped with a powerful processor, capable Linux platform featuring CalAmps PEGTM engine and embedded development environment, enabling intelligence at the edge. A built-in 3-axis accelerometer, multiple power management sleep modes,...

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