Acutime 720 Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna

Acutime 720 Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna

Product Code: 121224-00

Brand: Protempis

The Acutime 720 is a ruggedised weatherproof dual-band (L1 & L5) multi-constellation receiver for timing that integrates the antenna and receiver into an enclosure that is ideal for outdoor installations in congested cell-site environments. The Acutime 720 includes a built-in dual-band GNSS receiver with 1PPS/PP2S output through an RS422 interface that can carry the data signal over 1000 ft in distance. The Acutime 720 smart antenna is designed to be externally mounted and eliminates the need for GNSS timing receivers to be integrated into the host system. 

The Acutime 720 offers precision time synchronization within 5 nanoseconds stability in its normal mode of operation. The dual-stage filtering and amplification implemented in the antenna and the sophisticated algorithm in the receiver provide improved detection, mitigation, and immunity to jamming and spoofing in harsh and hostile RF environments.

With the ideals of zero trust security, The Acutime 720 provides secure boot and anti-tampering features by default. Additionally, it offers T-RAIM to provide the highest level of timing data integrity and monitoring. 

Key Features

  • RS-422 signal interface for 1PPS/PP2S output
  • Dual Band (L1 and L5) GNSS Timing Receiver & Antenna
  • Multi-constellation: GPS (L1/L5), GLONASS (G1), Galileo(E1/E5a), Beidou (B1/B2a), QZSS (L1/L5) & NavIC (L5)
  • Advanced Security features that include secure boot, secure interface, and T-RAIM
  • Supports industry standard protocols such as NMEA and TSIP for configuration and Control
  • Ruggedized design is IP67 compliant and allows operation across the entire I-temp range
  • Starter Kit options