Iridium SBD Automotive Grade Serial Modem

Iridium SBD Automotive Grade Serial Modem

Product Code: SGIR-005

Brand: Step Global Pty Ltd

The SGIR-005 Iridium Modem has been specifically designed to provide remote area satellite communications for mobile assets such as road vehicles, marine vehicles, construction vehicles and mining equipment. The SGIR-005 can also be used to provide satellite data communications for any type of intelligent equipment including data acquisition systems.

The SGIR-005 is built around the QuakeTM 9602 SBD (Short Burst Data) modem module, has an automotive grade power input (9 to 32 Vdc with reverse polarity protection) and simple 3 wire 12V RS232 communications. It uses a simple AT command set for communicating with its host.

The Iridium Satellite Network provides true global communications coverage that is highly reliable. The Short Burst Data protocol is extremely robust and reliable and is ideal for use in applications for the rapidly growing M2M market, including remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions.

The SGIR-005 allows for simple power consumption control via a dedicated digital input. Important for unpowered assets, it can be controlled to only have power on when a transmission is required.

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