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TopFly TLW2-12B, GPS (IP67 Enclosure), 9600 mAh Batt

Product Code: TLW2-12B

The TLW2-12B is a 4G/LTE rugged hardwired GPS trailer tracker from TopFly that features real time location updates, disconnection and movement...

Brand: TopFly

TopFly TLW2-12BL, 4G LTE, (IP65 Enclosure), Low Power Consumption

Product Code: TLW2-12BL

The TLW2-12BL is a hardwired 4G LTE tracker from TopFly that features real time and historical location data, 4G CAT-M1 network global bands with...

Brand: TopFly

TTU-1220, HSPA (IP66 Enclosure), 5200 mAh Batt, ~500 Messages

Product Code: TTU12H200-G1000

The TTU-1220-HSPA rechargeable battery pack trailer tracking product is designed for reliable, multi-year deployments. The TTU-1220-HSPA is an...

Brand: CalAmp

TTU-2830, HSPA Penta-Band (IP66 Enclosure), 5200 mAh Batt

Product Code: TTU28H400-G1000

External GPS antenna to suit the Trimble Kenai rugged tablet.

Brand: CalAmp

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