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LabSat GNSS Test Enclosure, for use with LabSat systems

Product Code: RLACS225

Brand: Racelogic

The LabSat Test Enclosure allows for secure screened testing away from any live RF signals, ideal when working with devices that do not have an external antenna connector - such as wearables, smartphones, and sports/fitness trackers.  When testing a product which only has an internal antenna, simulator rebroadcast must be separated from live GNSS signals; however, their retransmission in...

LabSat Sensitivity Kit - Comprising of SD card containing SatGen scenario

Product Code: RLACS226

Brand: Racelogic

An important factor of GPS testing is that of receiver sensitivity.  The main areas of test are acquisition sensitivity and tracking sensitivity. Typically, the RF power level received by an antenna on the ground will be between -125 dBm and -150 dBm depending on environmental factors. To generate very low RF power levels in this range, it is required to use external passive attenuators...

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