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Step Global offers tailored solutions to intricate challenges that standard products cannot address alone. From comprehensive system architecture design to seamless module integration and software development, we specialise in crafting bespoke solutions.

Our expertise extends to developing both hardware peripherals and software applications, covering a wide range of technologies including wireless communications, precsion timing applications, video capture and analytics, RFID, UHF, NFC, GNSS, AWS cloud services, and mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs

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Asgard Intelligent Video System

Product Code: ASGARD

Brand: Step Global Pty Ltd

Asgard is a cloud-based portal for viewing and analysing video footage from heavy vehicles. It is compatible with the full range of Hikvision NVRs and DVRs, as well as IP and analog cameras.  Video can be recorded from multiple angles, allowing for a full view of the vehicle activity. The footage is then uploaded to the cloud via 4G or WiFi, and can be accessed via the Asgard...

Iridium SBD Automotive Grade Serial Modem

Product Code: SGIR-005

Brand: Step Global Pty Ltd

The SGIR-005 Iridium Modem has been specifically designed to provide remote area satellite communications for mobile assets such as road vehicles, marine vehicles, construction vehicles and mining equipment. The SGIR-005 can also be used to provide satellite data communications for any type of intelligent equipment including data acquisition systems. The SGIR-005 is built around the...

NoSky SatNav True Subterranean GNSS

Product Code: NoSky SatNav

Brand: Step Global Pty Ltd

NoSky SatNav is a system that enables GPS/GNSS receivers to calculate their latitude, longitude, and altitude within a subterranean area with no direct satellite signals.  This is achieved by using a series of radiating antennas that output emulated satellite signals associated with exact locations throughout an underground location. To a vehicle travelling through such an area,...

Smart eDriver NHVR Approved Electronic Work Diary

Product Code: Smart eDriver

Brand: Step Global Pty Ltd

Smart eDriver is an NHVR approved electronic work diary (EWD). It takes compliance, safety and chain of responsibility paperless to keep your fleet safe and productive. Smart eDriver doesn't require telematics or any connection to the vehicle, nor does it require a particular make or model of device. It has been designed to be as simple to use as possible for both drivers and fleet managers....

TapKey - Automotive Grade NFC Reader

Product Code: SGNFC-001

Brand: Step Global Pty Ltd

The Step Global TapKey is a programable swipe card, smartphone and fob reader that uses the NFC (Near Field Communications) protocol. The reader can be used in a wide range of applications from keyless vehicle entry, fare collection, passenger ID, to door access control. Key features: Supports all NFC protocols Supports NFC enabled Smartphones Has external antenna for...

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