Compact Rb Atomic Clock, +12Vdc, RS-232

Compact Rb Atomic Clock, +12Vdc, RS-232

Product Code: XHTF1021

Brand: Spaceon

Dimensions: 2

XHTF1021 rubidium atomic clock is a miniaturized, low-power, high-performance 10MHz frequency reference source. Using +12V low voltage power supply, it can work normally in a wide temperature range of -40  ~ +60 .

It can provide a 10MHz reference source signal with an accuracy of less than 5E-11 and a short-term stability of less than 3E-11/1Sec. It has excellent frequency drift control at less than 5E-12/Day, as well as very good phase noise.

XHTF1021 has an external mechanical frequency adjustment with an adjustment rage of 1.5E-9. The XHTF1021 provides RS232C communications with a frequency accuracy of 3E-7 and resolution is 6.8E-13 through this serial port.

XHTF1021 can provide 10MHz sine or square wave output, plus a 1PPS standard second output.

Can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, communications, navigation and other fields.