Product Code: TLD2-L

Brand: TOPFLYtech

Dimensions: 47.8mm*47.6mm*19.8mm

The TLD2-L is a low cost basic plug and play OBDII vehicle tracker from TopFly. It features 4G global bands support, real time location data, high accuracy driver behaviour monitoring, driver buzzer alert and BLE 5.0. These features make the TLD2-L ideal for application in fleet management and vehicle tracking for insurance and car leasing where advanced vehicle monitoring is not required. Where advanced vehicle monitoring is required the TLD2-D is recommended.  

The TLD2-L can provide real time location updates as often as once every three seconds using global 4G LTE bands support with 2G fallback, when out of network coverage the unit will save location data in buffer. The unit contains BLE 5.0 and is compatible with a wide range of additional monitors such as temperature and door sensors. The TLD2-L contains a 6 axis accelerometer for high accuracy driving behaviour monitoring and an internal buzzer that alerts the driver when reckless driving behaviour occurs.

The TLD2-L is plug and play having an easy installation and no maintenance. The unit will send ignition on/off alerts and an internal battery allows for sending disconnection alerts when the power is disconnected. 


General Specifications

Dimensions: 47.8mm*47.6mm*19.8mm (1.9” *1.9” *0.8”)

Weight: 48g (1.7oz)

GNSS Chipset: MediaTek High Gain GNSS receiver

Parallel GNSS: GPS + Glonass or GPS+Beidou

Position Accuracy (50% CEP): Autonomous: < 2.5 m CEP

Operating Voltage : 7V to 32V DC

Backup Battery : Li-Polymer 200 mAh/ 3.7V

Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ +80°C (-22°F ~ 176°F)