Optically Pumped Miniaturised Cs Atomic Clock, High Performance Version

Optically Pumped Miniaturised Cs Atomic Clock, High Performance Version

Product Code: TA1000 HP

Brand: Spaceon

Dimensions: 8

The TA1000 laser pumped miniaturized caesium atomic clock is a new type of caesium atomic clock adopting advanced laser technology for atomic state preparation and atomic transition detection. It has excellent technical advantages such as excellent frequency accuracy, medium and long-term stability, and zero drift rate. Frequency accuracy for the Standard TA1000 HP is less than 5E-13 and it has a stability of less than 2.7E-13 per 1000 seconds.

The TA1000 uses the advanced technology of laser pumping and laser detection program that improves the frequency accuracy and stability of the whole system. It does not use an electron multiplier that has previously limited performance of Cs atomic clocks.

The operating temperature range is -10 C to + 40 C. The electromagnetic compatibility characteristics meet the requirements of GJB151A-1997 naval ground equipment. MTBF 100,000 hours, life span is more than 8 years.

This TA1000 is a fully automated instrument. After power-on, users only need to select the operating mode (working mode or storage mode), and the TA1000 has an automated locking function therefore avoiding the need of manual adjustment to lock. A supervisory maintenance program monitors the key parameters and individual internal modules with real-time mapping and data storage, any performance exception are captured and immediately reported. Once an abnormality is found, an alarm will be issued. If a serious fault is detected, the shutdown operation is performed directly.

TA1000 Cs atomic clock won the 2018 China International Industry Fair Innovation Gold Award.

Applications consist of generation and maintenance of standard time, navigation and positioning, precision strikes, and confidential communications.