Mobile Mark OD6-2400MOD2 Omni-Directional WiFi Antenna (2.4-2.5GHz, 6dBi)

Product Code: OD6-2400MOD2-BLK

Brand: Mobile Mark

The Mobile Mark OD6-2400MOD2-BLK antenna is a high vibration omnidirectional WiFi antenna, featuring conformal foam dampening for superior vibration performance. Because of its high-vibration qualities, this antenna is suitable for use in tough environments such as mining, quarry and oil field construction. 

The OD6-2400MOD2-BLK has a frequency of 2.4-2.5GHz and a gain of 6dBi. 

This heavy duty Mobile Mark WiFi antenna can be mounted on a pole, wall or onto heavy duty equipment for fixed wireless needs. It has a black 1" (25mm) fibreglass radome (weatherproof enclosure). The feed assembly is constructed from aluminium and is irridited for extra weather protection from rain, wind, snow and ice. 

Hardware is included with the OD6-2400MOD2-BLK for mast installation. 

These antennas terminate with a female N jack connector.

This antenna is available in the following gain configurations: 
OD6-2400MOD2-BLK6dBi (this antenna)

Frequency 2400-2485 GHz
Gain 6 dBi
VSWR 2:1 max over band 
Nominal Impedance  50 ohms 
Max Power (continuous) 100 watts
Vertical Beamwidth (-3dB point) 25 degrees
Rated Wind Velocity 120+ mph (200+kph)
Operating Temp -40° to +85°C 
Lightning Protection  External suggested
Connector N female connector 
Mounting Kit  Mast mount kit included 
Mounting Dimensions  Mast up to 2.5" D (64mm)
Antenna Diameter  1" (25mm)
Length/Weight  17", 1.5 lbs (43cm, 0.7kg)
Material Black fiberglass with irridited aluminium 
Shock & Vibration  EN300 019-2-4, IEC 60068
Water Ingress  IPx5


Bands 2.4 GHz WiFi
Frequency 2.4-2.5 GHz
Gain 6 dBi
Mounting Mast Mount