AMD SP5 EPYC 9004 Processor Based Performance Network Server

AMD SP5 EPYC 9004 Processor Based Performance Network Server

Product Code: INA7602

Brand: IBASE

The INA7602 network appliance is based on the AMD SP5 EPYC 9004 processor. AMD EPYCTM Embedded 9004 Series CPU processor harnesses the performance and efficiency benefits of the new “Zen 4” core architecture (5nm) to achieve breakthrough performance-per-watt gains with expansive I/O to ascend new summits in embedded computing and connectivity. Scalable with up to 96 cores (192 threads) and up to 160 I/O lanes in a dual socket configuration, AMD EPYCTM Embedded 9004 Series processors are designed to meet stringent performance and efficiency requirements for next-generation networking, security/firewall, storage and industrial systems.

Reliable, consistent processing performance is critical in heavy workload, 24x7 operating environments for delivering seamless computing, storage, networking and security protections without compromise. The system has a unique modular design providing a high degree of flexibility to configure network ports to suit your requirements. It supports up to 8 network modules to accommodate up to 64 GbE ports (with or without bypass) in copper or optical-fibre cable. IBASE offers a comprehensive selection of modules, with up to two 100GbE QSFP28 ports. In order to achieve high availability, the INA7600 is equipped with redundant power supplies and 4 hot-swappable fans. An optional IPMI 2.0 module provides direct access to server management functions and remote monitoring capabilities.

GbE Ports NIC module slots: Max. 8x IBN cards, Max. 64 GbE