Viper SC+ 406.1-470MHZ 6.25-50KHZ BW

Viper SC+ 406.1-470MHZ 6.25-50KHZ BW

Product Code: 140-5048-302

Brand: CalAmp

Dimensions: 4

This Viper SC+ series IP router base station for VHF band operates in the 406.1-470 MHz band. The device features dual RF ports, advanced Multi-Level Modulation allows up to 128 kbps in a 50 KHz channel with 1-10 Watts Output Power, software selectable. The Viper SC is designed for high-speed industrial applications. Available from 6.25 to 50 kHz, Viper delivers critical data at speeds up to 128 kbps. An internal web browser offers device information, user configuration of network parameters and easy deployment from any location. 

Viper Base Stations offer rugged packaging, simple installation, and flexible management. Housed in a rugged, 19" rack mountable aluminum case, these base stations feature a multispeed controller board that allows each Viper remote to communicate with its base at the fastest speed supported by its signal strength. The result is an adaptive network that is optimized for performance and worry-free operation in even the roughest environments. 

Key Features

  • Advanced Multi-Level Modulation allows up to 128 kbps in a 50 KHz channel
  • 1-10 Watts output Power, software selectable
  • Multi-Hop store and forward routing to avoid obstructions and extend range
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant providing AES 128/256 encryption, Radius authentication, and Multiple VPNs
  • Viper functions as an IP Bridge or IP Router
  • Viper supports Terminal Services allowing IP to Serial Conversion