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Cloud Services


Fully automate the accident notification process by providing users with rapid and reliable notification that an accident has occurred. True crash events are accurately characterized and other non-crash events are filtered out.
  • Notifies insurers and the driver's designated recipient of a crash to improve response time
  • Delivers location, date, time, VIN and collision severity information in near real time
  • Provides OEM-level crash reporting performance
  • Expedites the claims process
  • Stand-alone service or layered on top of a comprehensive vehicle management program
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Asset Outlook

Align field operations with business strategy with real-time insight into the location and usage of assets. Accurately and efficiently track hours of use with direct CAN bus integration. Attain higher revenue with better contract adherence and preventive maintenance planning.
  • Streamline operations with real-time insight into mixed assets
  • Track location on demand
  • View all AEMP data feeds in one view
  • Monitor in real-time and receive alert notifications
  • Minimize downtown with preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Receive reports based on detailed analytics
  • Define usage rules, virtual boundaries and track utilization
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The Step Global developed Listener application is the answer to complex interface problems between multiple AVL or RFID devices and your backend systems.

The Listener is able to take outputs from many and varied devices and translate to a common acceptable and usable input for your existing backend. The listener has been proven in multiple exisiting projects and is robust yet adaptable to suit a variety of applications.
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You require real-time access to your supply chain to keep it resilient to the constant changes. Implementing smart devices & sensors that transmit to a command portal dashboard offers this information. There is additional support available from our 24/7 command center.

  • Access key data logs and reports from anywhere
  • Work directly with experts for live, event-based monitoring
  • Mix and match solution options to suit your needs with fast activations
  • Integrate outside data services for a comprehensive view of your supply chain
  • Secure high-value equipment and goods
  • Protect brand integrity
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SCiOn Command Portal
Online dashboard accessible from anywhere so you can see your information. It supports API integrations and interactive mapping. You can define protocols, business rules and alert parameters to fit your operations.

SC iOn Command Center
Fully-staffed command center with professional, experienced and specialized consultants provides live, event-based monitoring of shipments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
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CalAmp's Programming Update Logistics System (PULS) permits updates to deployed device's embedded software and/or fundamental behavior over-the-air so that customers can modify the data they are capturing without having to bring their entire fleet back into the garage. This ability to customize and update devices without traveling great distances saves valuable time, reduces costs and enables businesses to make more informed decisions.

The smarts and flexibility offered by PULS can serve a greater purpose than just tracking vehicles. PULs can enable diverse implentations of industrial IoT solutions such as monitoring critical temperatures of cold transport, monitoring the condition of livestock while in transit or even alerting high rise apartment owners via text message when they have mail in their mailbox.

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