Mitigation of Spoofing and Jaming in Critical Infrastructure


Spoofing is a malicious attack in which a false GNSS signal is transmitted to cause a receiver to obtain an erroneous position and time fix. In some cases, the error may only be a time shift of a 100 mSec, but that is enough to cause significant damage to systems. This can be catastrophic for any type of critical infrastructure such as energy and telecommunications that are required to maintain almost 100% uptime.  

To detect the presence of a Spoofing attack, a GNSS receiver that is capable of monitoring multiple signal parameters from different GNSS constellations is required to identify any abnormal change in each of the received satellite signals. It is important to have a log of the signals over a period in order to quickly identify anything abnormal. If an abnormality is found then to mitigate against the attack the receiver should shut down reception from the signal source.

In addition, monitoring for narrow-band interference, like jamming of a GNSS constellation / frequency, should have the same signal quality monitoring and should have the ability to set thresholds for interference detection for each signal frequency.

The Quazar-700 from Bitstream is able to achieve all this and more: 












High Precision and Stability

Thanks to the best oscillators (OCXO, DOCXO or RUBID) and a time synchronisation precision of ±15ns with the GNSS module (Clear Sky)

The Ability to Carry Out Real-Time Monitoring Of The Measured Parameters

Real-time data is dumped from the interfaces, which can be analysed quickly and conveniently.

Rapid Detection of PTP/SyncE Errors

Identify location and cause of unstable network operation using precise time and frequency synchronisation.

With the ability to correlate graphs, the Quazar-700 provides great convenience in reading measurements.

The Quazar-700 Allows Local Archiving Of Measurements Up to 72H

The probe allows the recording and storage of monitored archive data. Graphic display and export to a spreadsheet for easy comparison.

Mobile Kit for On-Site Measurement

Optionally the Q-700 can come in a mobile version with a convenient measurement kit. The kit includes a bag, cable, power supply and dual-band antenna.

With this solution, you can conveniently connect to a router or directly to the BTS and start measuring.

If you would like to learn more about preventing GNSS jamming and spoofing you can get in contact with the Step Global team here