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Minature Rb Atomic Clock, +5Vdc


Minature Rb Atomic Clock, +5Vdc


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 Product Code: XHTF1031H

Category: Atomic Clocks

Brand: Spaceon

Weight: 0.500000 KG

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The XHTF1031H rubidium atomic clock is currently the world's smallest traditional rubidium clock. It can provide a 10MHz reference source signal with an accuracy of less than 5E-11 and a short-term stability of less than 5E-11/1Sec. It has excellent frequency drift control at less than 5E-12/Day, as well as very good phase noise.

The XHTF1031R rubidium atomic clock module is small with dimensions of 51mm x 51mm x 25mm, making its external dimensions fully compatible with commonly used OCXOs. It is a simple approach to an increase clock performance by replacing your OCXO with this pin compatible module.

XHTF1031H uses +5V low voltage power supply, can work normally in a wide range of -30  ~ +75 , and has low power consumption and good frequency temperature characteristics. It uses 6.8GHz low-noise phase-locked loop technology based on quadrature mixing technology, which effectively improves phase noise and short-term stability.

It can be widely used in communication, electric power, transportation and other fields.