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Vanguard 5530, EU LTE, Cellular Router, MOBILE


Vanguard 5530, EU LTE, Cellular Router, MOBILE


$1198.75 List Price (ex GST)

Minimum Order: 1

 Product Code: VG5530-LEU-M-GEN

Category: Wireless Router

Brand: CalAmp

Weight: 2.000000

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Provides multi-carrier availability featuring 4G LTE broadband and 3G fallback connectivity capabilities, with optional Wi-Fi, high-precision GPS and a broad array of I/O ports, to reliably support data intensive real-time applications.


  • Switch networks anytime with integrated multi-carrier capabilities
  • Secure broadband LTE performance, with reliable 3G fallback for always-on connectivity
  • Cloud-ready for fast deployments and easy configuration with DeviceOutlook
  • Open Developer Platform for custom applications to facilitate data-driven responsiveness
  • Full array of I/O and serial ports for SCADA and industrial applications