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CE Certified GPS Smart Amplifier with Push Buttons and Display

GPS Source

CE Certified GPS Smart Amplifier with Push Buttons and Display


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 Product Code: METROE

Category: Repeaters

Brand: GPS Source

Weight: 3.000000 KG

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A smart GPS controller designed with technology derived from high performance systems and military applications, it is very dependable. Capable of handling any L1 GPS Signal application (optional L2 for approved markets), it has many highly desired features, including receive antenna monitoring, automatic output power control and oscillation detection.

With the GLI-METRO, the user has complete control over effective radiated power (ERP) levels. Embedded within the GLI-METRO is a power control feature that will maintain a chosen output signal level. Regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna cable network, it will automatically condition the signal and prevent changes in performance. With an optional Bluetooth wireless interface, it may be configured remotely when access to the system is not convenient.PLEASE NOTE: This product comes with the following range of options. If any of these options are required, please click on the Request a Quote button, list the options you would like and we will process your request

METRO-WOption CodeWaterproof GPS Smart Amplifier with Push Buttons and Display
  Filtered L1 and Power Ac or DC comes standard. (Requires 15-36 VDC for DC input) DC ouput is fixed at 6.8 Vdc
 -QQuad Output
 -F12Filtered L1 L2
 -PDCXXX/XXPower AC and DC. (Requires 15-36 VDC for DC input)
 -CSControlled Signal Source. Attenuator 32dB; direct connect