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L1/L2 filtered low-noise amp with long housing

GPS Source

L1/L2 filtered low-noise amp with long housing


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Minimum Order: 1

 Product Code: L1L2LNA

Category: Amplifiers

Brand: GPS Source

Weight: 1.000000 KG

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PLEASE NOTE: This product comes with the following range of options. If any of these options are required, please click on the Request a Quote button, list the options you would like and we will process your request

L1L2LNAOption CodeL1/L2 Filtered Low-Noise Amplifier Long Housing
 -AXXCustom Gain: XX=Gain value between 0 and 30
 -EEMI Shielding (includes Waterproof Option)
 -PXXX/XXPower AC or DC XXX=Source Voltage, 110, 230, 240, DC; XX=Output Voltage, 3.3, 5, 7.5, 9, 12
 -PDCXXX/XXPower AC and DC
 -PM/XXPower MIL Connector
 -PMS-1275/XX1275B MIL Connector
 -PMS704/XX704 MIL Connector
 -PMI/XXPower ISO-7637