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There are many different types of antennas to suit different applications. For instance, there are antennas for portable devices, passenger vehicles, rugged mining and construction vehicles, building infrastructure and high performance GNSS antennas.

Step Global provides an exhaustive range of antennas, covering types such as single and multiband, omnidirectional and directional, embedded, covert, on-glass, in-building, panel, yagi, GNSS, Iridium, MIMO up to 9 elements, bidirectional, timing, whip less, surface mount, pole mount, infrastructure and mobile, rugged and vibration resistant.

We have antennas for use in every industry, and we work with agriculture, banking and financial, cellular, education, government, healthcare, heavy equipment, hospitality, manufacturing, marine, military and defence, mining and construction, public safety, rail, retail, SCADA, telematics, transportation, utilities, oil and gas, and wireless telecom.

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ANTENNA, MOBILE, LTE 600 - 2700MHz, 3dBi, High Vibration, N FEMALE CONNECTOR

Product Code: BMLPV-MBLTE-HP

PCTELs BMLPV-MBLTE-HP antenna provides superior system efficiency and pattern coverage for mobile and fixed applications operating in 4G LTE...

Brand: PCTEL

Heavy Duty Flexible LTE Antenna 698-960 / 1710-2700 MHz

Product Code: PCTP/4GLTE

This 4G LTE heavy duty mobile antenna features a rugged, flexible design for high vibration or high impact applications. It is suitable for...

Brand: PCTEL

LTE Omni Antenna, Special High Vibration Modification, N-Female, 695-960/1710-27

Product Code: OD3-700/2700MOD2-BLK

The OD Series Antennas are optimized for use in 3G cellular, 4G LTE, and LTE plus systems using the 694-960 MHz and 1700-2700 MHz bands.These...

Brand: MobileMark

Omni Base Station, 3 dBi - Special High Vibration Modification, N-female, 3.3 -

Product Code: OD3-3500MOD2-BLK

Mobile Mark OD6-3500MOD2-BLK 3300-3800 MHz Omni-directional, Impact-resistant, Vibration-proof Antenna for Large Mining and Construction Vehicles....

Brand: MobileMark

Omni Base Station, 5 dBi - Special High Vibration Modification, N-female, 1710-2

Product Code: OD5-2000MOD2-BLK

The OD Series Antennas are optimized for use in a wide variety of Cellular AWS wireless systems using the 1710-2170 MHz band.These antennas can be...

Brand: MobileMark

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