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Cable DB26 to Power,1PPS, DB9F,DB9M,USB,RJ45M


Cable DB26 to Power,1PPS, DB9F,DB9M,USB,RJ45M


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Brand: Trimble

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The Trimble BD982 GNSS system is a single board solution for precise position and heading. The product delivers the latest in GNSS signal support delivering multi-constellation RTK Baselines between the two connected Ant and to a remote Base Station. with the Trimble BD982, OEM's and integrators can be assured their investment is sound today and into the future. The Trimble BD982 GNSS supports GPS L1/L2/L5 and GLONASS L1/L2 signals. In addition, Trimble is committed to the next generation of modernized GNSS configurations by providing Galileo and Compass compatible products available for customers well in advance of these systems becoming available. In support of this plan, the Trimble BD982 is capable of tracking both Galileo signal for Evaluation and test purposes.

with the option of utilizing OmniSTAR VBS, XP, G2 and HP services, the BD982 delivers varying levels of GNSS performance right down to the sub-decimeter level, even without the use of a Base Station.