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C1919A Condor Starter Kit


C1919A Condor Starter Kit


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 Product Code: 70291-10

Category: GPS-GLN Receiver Modules

Brand: Trimble

Weight: 2.000000 KG

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Trimble's Condor family of GPS Modules represents the smart alternative to GPS chipsets for many consumer and commercial positioning applications. Trimble offers Condor Modules in multiple form factors and flexible interface options. The Modules in the Condor family share several common characteristics: top-tier positioning performance, the best components, and the highest production quality Standareds. On the surface, a chipset implementation may appear to be the optimal choice for a GPS positioning solution. However, GPS chipset implementations are fraught with risk, can delay time-to-market (TTM) and can have significant hidden costs beyond just the bill of material. Chipset implementations typically require multiple design iterations to achieve maximum performance under all operating conditions. In the production environment, chipset implementations accrue costs associated with testing, yield, re-work and Warranty. Condor GPS Modules help you bring innovative products to market faster to capture greater market share. As a completely qualified positioning solution with full Warranty, Condor Modules harbor none of the development risk or hidden costs associated with GPS chipset implementations. The Condor GPS family includes multiple Modules with different form factors and interface options. All the Modules in the family offer top tier positioning performance.